DJ Supa Nova G4

Phoenix, AZ

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Saturday 6:00 pm 7:00 pm

The Tallest DJ In The World

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I am 7 Feet Tall, and known as "The Tallest DJ In The World."
  • Representing Phoenix, Arizona
  • On the air Friday’s 8pm Est. 5pm pst.
  • I’ve been an honorary Ruff Ryders member 20+ years
  • WorldWide DJ’s
  • I’ve been DJing professionally over 15 years
  • Inspiration/Influence Grand Master Shaik of Bassline Ent Bronx, “The Voice of Harlem” Gary Samuels
  • DJing is a way for individuals to express themselves. Music control gives that DJ the power to speak to massive people
  • My favorite DJ is Grand Wizard DJ Shaik/ DJ J U Ice the Blend Master
  • My future aspirations are to become a household name and providing platforms for other DJs and Artist
  • 1st party was in 1997. It was a New York City house party (well in the projects). My 1st set was only an 1 hour.
  • My advice to future DJs is to be Unique. Be different. Even with classic routines. Try to add or produce something that has never been seen or heard. Make a mark, and be consistent.
  • I don’t have a favorite genre of music. I love it all.
  • 7 Feet tall, and will be titled as “The Tallest DJ In the World.”

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