DJ StoryTella

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Tuesday 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

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Born – Los Angeles, CA

How Long DJing – Years—– wrote a manual about it

Inspiration/Influences – GOD

What does it mean to be a DJ – I’m honored to be apart of people’s lives

Instagram – @iamstorytella

Future Aspirations – Brand myself as “The Best”

Favorite DJ – Me

1st party ever DJ’d – I was 12 years old in Jersey City, NJ

Advice for future DJs – Do what you love to do but if it isn’t DJing, then DON’T DO IT!!!

Favorite Genre – 1960’s (Soulful Music)

I was buying records in 100+ degree weather to below zero temperatures before the internet was a streaming source. I represent REAL HIP HOP

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