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Wednesday 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

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City & state  : Queens NY  

 Time Slot : wednesday 6-7 

RR member/how long  N/A

RR chapter N/A

How long DJing : 3 Years 

Inspiration/Influence : DJ Africa  

What does it mean to you to be a DJ or RR DJ 

Iv always enjoyed being the DJ of a party because we create the vibe for people to forget about their problems and loose themselves in the music we put on.

IG/Facebook/email : 


 Favorite DJ : DJ Africa 

 Future aspirations in music & entertainment : When my kids are a little older I would like to tour Internationally.  

 1st party ever DJ’d : A friends 4th of July Party 

Advice for future DJs : Learn how to market yourself and you’ll succeed.  

Favorite Genre & why : House Music .  My first love was to dance.  

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Gatica is best known as a DJ,On Air Personality and can be found at the trendiest New York parties and entertainment venues, energizing audiences while serving as a “musical matchmaker” to the hottest up-and-coming entertainers. Bilingually relevant in English and Spanish, she not only showcases today’s top artists but also unveils the truth about the people behind the music in engaging video interviews. 

Born into a family of recognized musical artists and composers known in the US, Colombia, and Greece, Gatica hummed and danced to popular songs even before she could talk. After graduating college, working at radio stations and in education utilizing media production, Gatica now pursues her passion more fully for making peoples’ lives better through music and virtual story telling. 


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