The Bronx Bomber

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Saturday 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

The Blend Specialist

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A lil about myself: I'm very down to Earth. Music is my passion I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world. I like to collaborate with other DJ’s, especially blend DJs. I'm Mysonne the generals DJ, Dem BX Boyz and a Ruff Ryders Radio DJ as well.

1. Highbrige. Bronx, NY
2. Saturday 7-9pm
3. I’m an honorary of Ruff Ryders Radio
4. I’ve been DJing for over 23 years
5. Music is in my blood
6. Being a Ruff Ryders Radio DJ means that I can touch a person’s soul with just music
7. Although it’s hard to choose, my favorite DJ is GBO the Pro
8. My future aspiration is to keep doing music untill the day I die
9. My advice for other DJ’s is to never give up. Practice everyday, and never low ball yourself.
10. Hip-hop os my favorite genre. Being a blend DJ is the most creative genre to do blends with.

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