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City & state: Washington D.C. 

RR ALLNIGHT /how long 15 Years member

RR chapter DC

How long DJing 25 Years 

Inspiration/Influence Grandmother Mattie Taylor I can go as far as I let myself go/ IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN YOU PLAN TO FAIL.

What does it mean to you to be a DJ or RR DJ.

To me being a DJ and a RR DJ are great things since we know that music can heal the soul and on any given time with the right DJ and a crowd you can begin to heal this world we live in. I love to not only promote myself in a positive manner but also to promote the RR in that same light because we are reflections of not only who we are but when we wear that vest each of us shine in the positions that we are privileged to have and to serve. I have actually seen that after a show and people come up to me and say last night a “DJ saved my life”, and sometime that is just what the world needs. So I have never really looked at DJ being a job but I get as much joy out of seeing folks dance all night as they do from dancing. 

IG/Facebook/email: IG DJALLNIGHT22DJ/ /

Favorite DJ: DJ Jazzy Jeff 

Future aspirations in music & entertainment:

I am not only a DJ but a VDJ (Video DJ) so I have started during this pandemic collecting equipment that will set me apart where I will be able to do my own shows where I have 2 giant video walls, my stage and cameras and other equipment where you don’t have to be close to see the action and where I can DJ and play the video to the songs and also switch and put the crowd on the screens as well. I want to be able to provide an arena for up and coming artist to be able to do their thing and have a few well known artist as well where we start cutting out the middle men and we start doing arena’s stadiums and open fields ourselves and stop having to use middle men to rent equipment and never get that money back and going into our communities. I like to work with artist not only in the U.S. but Africa to get a full and total world sound. 

.1st party ever DJ’d:

My Birthday House party in Mississippi when DJ called the day before and couldn’t make it so I had the double deck cassette player boom box and made some mix tapes and dj’d my own party.

Advice for future DJs:

Never forget where you came from, those days when you would do a party for whatever they would give you because you was hungry and just wanted a shot to DJ. Always practice you craft even when you think you are good you can always get better and always take advice from anyone that will give it because even the newer generation have teaching points because they can think of something that I never would have and as DJ’s we need to keep supporting each other and not tearing each other down unless it’s a battle and after its done celebrate together and learn from your losses and wins. 

Favorite Genre & why

AFROBEAT, I can tell from my trips to Africa that this is where it all begin and the sounds have everything you can imagine and even though I don’t speak a lot of the languages I can still understand the song like it is touching my soul to return to the home we were taken from. Dirty South and Miami Bass is next cause with the drum beats it gets the ladies on the floor and just can’t beat those songs to ride to. 

social media links. Twitter@djallnight22

Tell something about yourself”

I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi and didn’t leave home until I joined the military. I had a cousin that was a DJ and he would always shut the park down on Sundays in the summer set up stacks of speakers and we would be there all day jamming as the cars ride through with the booming systems. I have been into music and dancing all my life as singing in the choir, having a singing group in high school, dance battle group each week at the skating rink and dance competition all over Jackson. I left for the army and once I got to my first duty stationed I would hang around the Dj at the club and he let me get on the turntables and teach me a few things if I came early and before the crowd, one night something happened and he had to leave early and I took over and rocked the place and everyone enjoyed it and after that I went and got my first turn tables and started practicing and the rest is history. I have Dj’d just about in every state in the US Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria, Irag, Kuwait, UAE, South Korea, Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia.  

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