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Sunday 3:00 pm 10:00 pm

Ryde For Your Soul

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I'm known as the go to for anything. I major in 7 things. 7 = completion. I call myself, "your personal concierge."
  1. White Plains, NY
  2. Time Slot – every Sunday (3-10pm)
  3. I’ve been hosting the Gospel Ryde over 3 yrs
  4. Gospel/Inspirational/Conversations/Comedy
  5. I have a love to inspire others through music, transparent conversations and comedy
  6. Favorite talk show host is ME
  7. Future aspirations in music & entertainment – same as #7
  8. Advice for future host is to stay involved with your listeners. Let it be about them, NOT you.
  9. Favorite Genre & why Gospel/inspiration something to help people beyond just the music but with lyrics as well.

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