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Hartford, CT  Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

Ruff Ryders Member, 14 Years

DJing for 4 Years

Inspirations: DJ Spinderella, DJ Jazzy Jeff,  Exile, Pete Rock, DJ Token (Connecticut)

What does it mean to you to be a DJ or RR DJ:

I have given my entire life to music.  Since age 9, I have studied musicianship, composition, played instruments, wrote songs, studied Hip-Hop History, and now the craft of DJing.  It is truly a self rewarding form of expression and allows you to affect the masses.  It’s a blessing to follow this path with my gift. 

IG: @dj_mrsims06

Favorite DJ: Jazzy Jeff

Future aspirations in music & entertainment: Host own radio show, open up for a concert

1st party ever DJ’d: Wedding Reception

Advice for future DJs:

“Follow your heart and ask questions and expect roadblocks and lack of support. Study the music and the constant evolution of the music culture.  

Favorite Genre & why: 90’s-2000 Hip Hop, Demonstrated more musicianship than today’s culture

social media links: Follow me @dj_mrsims06 on instagram and Top Floor Entertainment by DJ Craig G Connecticut

I want to be happy and I am a dream chaser.  I’ve accomplished almost everything I wanted academically and financially and learned there is more to the recipe of happiness than reaching those goals.  I am a self-starter and a proven leader in the community and I care about those around me. 

My two mottos in life are:

“A good piece of steel is made through intense heat and pressure”

“Think big, start small, and move quickly”

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