DJ ShatteRRproof

Stamford, CT

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Wednesday 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

Wickedest DJ in Stamford

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I am the One and only DJ Shatterrproof. I represent the Ruff Ryders New Havens chapter. Under the tutelage of my father, and my "brotha" DJ Strech. You can catch me on Wednesday, 7pm - 8pm.

1.  Stamford, CT
2.  Wednesday 7pm – 8pm
3.  Vested 8 years
4.  New Haven county Ruff Ryders chapter
5.  I’ve been a DJ for 10 years
6.  My father and my “brotha” DJ Strech
7.  Being a DJ means that I am be able to make people from all different walks of life come together and groove to the same sound is amazing
8.  DJ Strech, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Ty Boogie, DJ Ted Smooth
9.  I would love to go on tour with an artist
10.  My 1st party was my best friends party bus. I used virtual DJ and an auxiliary cord.
11.  My advice to future DJ’s is to find a niche that separates you from the rest. Don’t just stick to one genre. Learn how to play everything, with that you will be limitless.
12.  Reggae and soca because I’m Jamaican. Lol.
13.  I’m a father of 4, and an electrician by trade

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