DJ Go Getta

Denver, CO

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Saturday 5:00 pm 6:00 pm

Don't Site there. Go Getta.

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I am DJ GoGetta from Denver, CO. You can find me on Ruff Ryders Radio each Saturday from 3pm - 4pm EST. I’ve been with Ruff Ryders member since 2010. Currently, I am apart of the Denver South Ruff Ryders chapter.
  1. I am from Denver, CO
  2. Saturdays (3pm – 4pm EST)
  3. I’ve been with Ruff Ryders since 2010
  4. I am apart of the Denver South Ruff Ryders chapter
  5. I have 22 years in the DJ business
  6. The best part of DJing is seeing the reaction of spectators.
  7. I was influenced by DJ Premier.
  8. Being a DJ to me means to control any crowd. I see it as a competitive sport.
  9. DJ Premier is my favorite DJ
  10. I am actually achieving my aspirations in music by receiving a degree in music production and audio engineering. I currently work as a producer on a few albums with multiple artist.
  11. The first party I DJ’d came from me sneaking in a club downtown Denver. I was only 19 years old. I rocked the crowd for at least 15 minutes until the house DJ returned. Lol.
  12. My advice for future DJ’s is to stay focused and continue to practice your craft. Never settle. Remember that behind every no, there is a yes somewhere.
  13. My genre and lifestyle will forever be hip-hop!
  14. I have built my own studio in my home

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