DJ Ghost Ryder

Toronto, Canada

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Saturday 3:00 pm 5:00 pm

Toronto Got Next

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I am Toronto's favorite DJ, DJ Ghost Ryder. I am known as the crowd motivator. Having a packed dance floor inspires me to be the best. The crowd's reaction priceless!
  1. Toronto’s favorite DJ
  2. Please join me on Saturday’s, 9pm – 10pm EST
  3. Ruff Ryders member since 2009
  4. I am a proud member of the Toronto RR chapter
  5. I’ve been a DJ for 22 years
  6. Life on the road inspires me. Having a packed dance floor allows me to be the best. The crowd’s reaction priceless!
  7. I love music and spreading it’s love to the masses. Ruff Ryders Lifestyle along with a positive attitude is what me being an Ruff Ryders DJ is to me.
  8. My favorite DJ is DJ Scratch
  9. I aspire to be an international DJ, and tour DJ
  10. The first party I ever DJ’d was an all ages party at Abyss Nightclub
  11. My advice for future DJs is to practice at least 1 hour a day
  12. My favorite genre of music is hip-hop. It gives me an identity, and a new way to express myself.
  13. I’m just a well-rounded individual who loves music, travelling, food and dogs. Everything else you gotta find out on your own. Lol.

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