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Tuesday 3:00 pm 4:00 pm

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City & state Bronx New York
How long DJing Since 2014
Inspiration/Influence Chromatic DJ Kool Herc Stone Love
What does it mean to you to be a DJ or RR DJ Being a DJ means everything to me. Its literally my life. Even when im not physically DJing, im always taking notes on new music that I hear daily to stay up to date. To be a RR DJ is great. It’s a great feeling knowing that I am apart of company that have produced platinum selling artist like DMX, Jadakiss & the LOX, EVE, Swizz Beats, and the list goes on.

IG/Facebook/email @Feverboss
Pic of DJing or reg pic
Favorite DJ Funk Flex
Future aspirations in music & entertainment I aspire to a world renowned DJ/Producer
1st party ever DJ’d House Party
Advice for future DJs Do music for the love of it and the riches will come when your work proves itself.
Favorite Genre & why Dancehall/Reggae. This is my favorite genre of music because this is what i grew up on and it’s apart of my culture. Dancehall/Reggae gave birth to the foundation of Hip Hop,reggaethon, and afrobeat.
Link to mixtape archive (Mixcloud, SoundCloud, Dropbox, etc)
social media links
tell something about yourself” I am 25 years old. I’m also a Dancer. I created the dance called Temperature Squeeze Di Breast. It is viral on social media. My goal is to make a stamp in the music industry as an entertainer and help others along the way.


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