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In 2011 I was discovered by DMX while djing a local after hour spot. After hearing me play at 3 different venues, he came and did a surprise performance during my set. DMX took me on tour as his road manager and backup dj for 5yrs. After that I built my own career DJing Ruff Ryders events. Eventually I got sponsored by Ciroc vodka. After which I took a job in Houston, TX where I currently reside with my 6 year old daughter (full custody). Nowadays it’s all about dad life, and maintaining my music career at its peak!
    1. Houston TX
    2. Monday- Friday, 4-6pm. Rush Hour Mix.
    3. Standard Member, Entertainment 8 years (2012)
    4. Upstate SC/Houston TX Ruff Ryders chapter
    5. I’ve been a DJ for 14 years
    6. I was inspired by the likes of DJ Clue, DJ Funk Flex and DJ Kid Capri
    7. I grew up idolizing the Ruff Ryders, Rockafella, and the Wu-tang era of hip-hop. For those people now to be my peers means everything. It’s a dream come true.
    8. My favorite is DJ Kid Capri
    9. Transitioning from a club DJ’s to full-time on-air radio disc jockey
    10. The first part I ever DJ’d was an open mic a dance battle. This was back when krumping was big.
    11. My advice to up and coming DJ’s is to stay consistent. Continue to practicing your craft, and always be open to new music…. even if it’s not what you particularly like. DJing is about moving the majority of the masses.
    12. Hip-hop, not rap, HIP-HOP! I grew up embracing all the elements. To this day art, dance, true lyrics, and mixing beats from Motown and more with the new school have shaped everything in my life. I love Hip-hop everyday.

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