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Wednesday 3:00 pm 4:00 pm

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  •  I’m from Riverside California
  •  Time Slot: 10am-11am EST/ 7am-8am PST
  •  I’m a member of Ruff Ryders since March 15 2017 3yrs
  •  RR chapter: Riverside, California ??88??
  •  I’ve been DJing 8 yrs
  •  My inspiration/influence: DJ Quik, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Izzy Avila (DJ iz), DJ DoubleTime
  •  What does it mean to you to be a DJ or RR DJ: DJ’n means so much more than the surface. doing what i do gives me complete control of “The Moment” that moment where music meets the soul & the soul grabs the mind. Music has no barriers and with that,possibilities of reaching people are endless. So Music means “The Ultimate Network” “God’s Gift” “Passion”
  • IG/Facebook/email: IG: @DJ_ambishen, FB: Deejaye ambishen, ?
  • Favorite DJ: DJ Jazzy Jeff
  • Future aspirations in music & entertainment: Build or be a part of an empire that not only reaches but teaches through music. bring out the passion in those who live via music
  • 1st party ever DJ’d “wedding on a boat” in Laguna Beach
  • Advice for future DJs: do not ever let anyone scare you away from your passion. focus, practice, Execute. write a plan & let no-one take you off it.
  • Favorite Genre & why: R&B it’s the one genre that can be played anywhere, has the most emotions, & most felt stories behind it.
  • Link to mixtape archive (Mixcloud, SoundCloud, Dropbox, etc.): DJambishen
  • ” I am a humble family oriented man. i believe in passion, i believe in second chances, I believe in God. I believe that Hard work beats talent any day. Music is the one thing that saved my life. Opened doors I never thought i’d see.

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