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Thursday 3:00 pm 4:00 pm

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city and state-Medford NY

RR member- RR Allstar

chapter- Long Island

DJ ing for 18 years

Inspiration/Influence-DJ Envy

DJ ing means a lot to me because I like to entertain people. That allows me to do so without knowing how to sing, rap, or dance.

favorite DJ- DJ Envy

future aspirations in music and entertainment- to own the best fm radio station on Long Island

the 1st party i ever DJ’d- I threw a house party to test my skills

advice for future DJ’s-make sure you do a lot of networking and don’t ever quit

favorite genre and why- hiphop because that’s what I grew up on

social media links-Instagram-DJAllstar ,Twitter and Snap-@Djallstar102, Facebook-John Donegain Jr.

tell me something about yourself- my kids and my family are my world. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my mother, father and the grace of God

promo flyer info-

DJ Name- DJ Allstar

location of DJ show-social media house in deer park ny

title of the show- The Allstar Take over

instagram name–DJAllstar

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